Ruminations on C++ concentrates on the key C++ ideas and programming techniques - skimming the cream - to let you understand the "why" and not just the "how" of C++ programming. You need not be an expert C++ programmer to find solid fodder here, yet even experts need not fear overgrazing: You will find something worth chewing on in every chapter. This should be your next C++ book, because it covers a broad range of C++ ideas and techniques, from detailed code examples to design principles and philosophy; shows how to think about programming in C++, not just how to follow rules; explains the motivation behind its examples, sometimes even solving the same problem in two different ways; covers both object-oriented programming and generic programming; and explains the ideas behind the Standard Template Library, which is the most important recent innovation in C++. This book comes to you from two people who started using C++ when its entire user community could still fit in one room. Both of them have contributed significantly to the evolution of C++.