A Letter That Will Come Tomorrow is the first in a series of novels following the lives of the surviving members of a family caught in the bombing of Tokyo in March 1945. The year is now 2021. America is perpetually at war and under increasing government surveillance. The novel opens as Dr. Naomi O'Hara, a recently retired therapist, boards a night train, embarking on what becomes an unexpected spiritual and emotional journey.As the train takes her from Wenatchee, Washington, to New York City, Naomi encounters several passengers-a Vietnam veteran, a surgeon, a Lakota Indian, an Amish elder and his granddaughter, and a young adult. Each of these people and the compelling stories they tell cause Naomi to reflect on herself as a therapist, as a person of two cultures, as a parent-and also as a patient. As Naomi struggles to come to terms with a serious illness that she has kept hidden, she re-examines her personal past, present, and future. A Letter That Will Come Tomorrow challenges the reader to consider how patriotism erodes our humanity.

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