More Like Wrestling unfolds through the compelling voices of two sisters, Pinch and Paige, coming of age in Oakland, California, at a time when the beautiful, crumbling city is being transformed by the dark temptations of its underworld. As they grow from girls to women the sisters are confronted with a series of surprising reversals—death, disaster, and, maybe, love—that forces them to come to grips with the truth about their choices and their tangled roots.

“Lyrical and engaging . . . Smith’s light, sinewy prose sings with precision.” —Washington Post Bookworld

“A wildly intelligent coming-of-age story [and] a morally complex take on the devastating costs of poverty and racism—a tale that deals in hard truths and, ultimately, forgiveness.”—Elle

“Smith’s supple language and the generosity she shows toward her own imagination and memory allows something new and real to emerge—a grittier, muckier story, full of the uncertainty of life.” —Africana