Richard Street – My Life As A Temptation (REVISED VERSION) is a TRUE story told by Richard Street, a former member of the famous and world-known singing sensations, Motown recording artist, The Temptations. The ORIGINAL TRUE STORY of Temptation member RICHARD STREET taken from LIVE AND PERSONAL INTERVIEWED SESSION CONDUCTED BY CELEBRITY AUTHOR TOI MOORE, TOLD BY RICHARD STREET! After 23 years of being a part of The Temptations, Richard thought he had it all. However, little did he know, his entire world would come to a crashing end filled with heartaches and disappointments, leaving him feeling disrespected, stupid, and confused. Richard describes how his first love, known to him and neighborhood friends as Diane, later becoming known to the world as Diana Ross, broke his heart after their breakup. He describes how he auditioned for the founder of Motown, Barry Gordy, in the bathroom of the Fox Theatre in Detroit, Michigan, yet was not considered as an original member of The Temptations when Motown Records signed the group as recording artists. This powerful book details MANY behind the scenes secrets of how the group wasn't able to make business decisions; how management and accountants made more money than group members; how he and founding member and bass signer, Melvin Williams, became best friend and family due to the abuse; how Melvin got liquid gold injected into his body, along with steroids and other painkillers in order to perform; how Otis Williams, (Founder of the Temptations) was never a brother to any of the guys in the group, considered as jealous, backbiting; and how Melvin never stood up for what he thought was right or wrong with the group. Richard also discusses how he felt like a clueless and stupid businessman because he never knew how much money he made or where several dollars of his earned income went, but was unable to question the monies whereabouts. This dynamic story will leave you amazed, yet stunned at how realistic the statements, 'What Sparkles isn't always Gold', as Richard Street describes his life as a Temptin' Temptation.

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