Burn It is a practical guide with real and effective ways you can use to lose weight, get fit and feel healthy.

This book serves as a reminder for me of all the techniques I used to lose over 46 pounds within 6 months and keep it off since 2012. In this book you will learn what it means to be consistent, hard working and realistic about weight loss and fitness.

Each weight loss technique is given it's own section with advice, techniques and methods that you can utilize to maximize the results you desire. You will learn about the different diets floating around the web such as the Paleo Diet, Lemon Juice Diet, Raw Organic All Vegetable Diet and more.

Their is a custom designed fitness test and routine included in this book that requires no equipment besides your body, a look at both cardiovascular and strength training and an overall system for exercising that can be maintained and enjoyed.

If you want to lose weight, get fit and feel healthy, this is your best option. If you're simply looking for useless information and ineffective 'secrets' to weight loss, scroll away as this book is only for dedicated and hardworking individuals who want awesome results.

In short, buy this book if you want to lose weight, look and feel awesome about yourself.

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  • Release Date: 2014-12-15