NOTE: This is BLACK AND WHITE EDITION. This workbook's questions are in black & white. For the color edition of this book (NNAT questions ONLY), look for IBSN code: 978-1-948255-51-6.

The NYC Gifted and Talented Preparation Guide and Workbook is a BLACK and WHITE gifted and talented test preparation book created by a NYC tutoring company (Origins Tutoring) that provides gifted and talented test preparation in the NNAT2® / NNAT3® and OLSAT® for Pre-K and Kindergarten students (ages 3-6) seeking to gain entry to New York's top gifted programs.

Our gifted test prep book (245 exercises and questions) and bonus online practice tests (88 questions) provides your student the opportunity to work with 332 practice exercises and questions.

What's Inside the Workbook?

The Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test (NNAT2® / NNAT3® - Level A) workbook includes:

  • Skill-builder exercises to help your child improve the logical & visual reasoning skills required to excel on the NNAT2® / NNAT3®
  • NNAT2® / NNAT3® practice questions covering all four question types on the test, including “Pattern Completion”, “Reasoning by Analogy”, “Serial Reasoning”.
  • The Otis-Lennon School Ability Test (OLSAT® - Level A) workbook includes:
  • Following Directions practice questions.
  • Aural Reasoning practice questions.
  • Arithmetic Reasoning practice questions.

    We also include access to online practice tests. These give your student an additional 48 questions from the NNAT® (COLOR) and 40 questions from the OLSAT®.

    Use these practice tests as diagnostic to identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Alternatively, simulate real testing conditions and have your child take the bonus tests as a ‘mock exam’ before test day.

    The questions in the online practice test are presented in the colors of the official NYC gifted test: blue and yellow for NNAT®; black and white for OLSAT.

    (Please take note that if your student will take the NYC Gifted & Talented test, please do not purchase Origins Tutoring stand-alone NNAT® and OLSAT® books also as they contain similar materials. Just buy this one).

    Who can use the OLSAT® and NNAT Workbook and Practice Tests?

    NYC Gifted and Talented Test Preparation for Kindergarten (admission to G&T city wide and district programs).

    This test prep workbook is for pre-kindergarten students who are taking the NYC Gifted and Talented test to gain admission to Kindergarten gifted and talented programs.

    NYC Gifted and Talented Test Preparation for Grade 1 (admission to 1st Grade G & T district and citywide programs).

    Students can also use this practice test to develop and hone cognitive skills that will be tested in Kindergarten for Grade 1 gifted and talented programs.

    Why use Origins Tutoring test prep materials?

    Our goal is to provide you with the best gifted and talented workbooks and materials, and the very best value for your money. We created our gifted and talented workbooks and practice tests because, as a tutoring company, we could not find enough good practice material to effectively prepare our students for gifted and talented exams. As tutors in New York City, we have used the various test prep books and we have found them to either have an incorrect difficulty level (too easy) or be very expensive. After studying original materials from test creators and testing them on children, we believe our materials and tests adequately prepare students to do their very best on the official Gifted and Talented NYC test.

    OLSAT® and NNAT2® and NNAT3® are trademarks of Pearson Education. These test publishers are not affiliated with Origins Tutoring and do not support or endorse this book.